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June 25,2024


Newsletter # 98


Eagle Soaring

Pontoon Putt

Barred Owl Chicks

Sandhill Cranes




Pontoon Putts, Strolls with the Pro, Foto Boat Fun,

A New Recon Mission







It is a wise wildlife/photo tour leader, and/or guide, who is cautious about handing out guarantees when it comes to promising success in finding fantastic wildlife and photo opportunities. However, I am coming close to breaking that rule as once again my tour participants on the ‘Pontoon Putt’, and on the ‘Stroll with a Pro’ these last few weeks went home with wonderful images (or should have)!! Some of my images in this newsletter should speak for themselves and what I am saying when you consider I shot most of these while trying to maneuver the 24’ pontoon boat (which doesn’t exactly turn on a dime) during some pretty windy conditions, in an effort to position my clients. My success at finding the wildlife & the success of my participants shooting good images doesn’t come easily as I have to study each area I’m going to be in (at all different times of the year), be exact in noting dates and times of the day, the month & the year, consider safety, and exercise extreme patience—all of this is not that easily performed all of the time!




I know I am good at what I do by the results seen, but I also know there is no way I can do everything, and see everything--safely-- all on my own. This is a humbling fact that many of my fellow peers do not recognize in themselves. A lesson I learned a long time ago is that no matter where I am, locally or in some far off land, I make a point of surrounding myself with the best, top-notch assistants, guides, drivers etc. And it shows. There is no way, while maneuvering the pontoon boat through winding little tributaries full of logs and other boating treacheries, all the while explaining about the life of the alligator or various species of birds or turtles would I have ever spotted these baby Barred Owls in the tree hole. Thanks to Kris & his sharp, young eyes, everyone—me included—had an awesome time capturing these little guys!! It was the highlight of this year’s last Pontoon Putt before I head off to Pantanal, Brazil leading another group in and around various areas of the world’s largest inland wetland. This area, thus far & baring any abnormal and/or catastrophic event (like an unpronounceable volcano) is one place where I can comfortably use the word ‘guarantee’ and be 100% on the money!!! You will see this for yourselves in the next Pantanal newsletter. NOTE: I will be staying on in Brazil after the June 1 st-15 th tour to scout out and “recon” new areas with my highly skilled, resident guide. I’ll share those findings in July.


Another quick note regarding my Florida Adventures….it is in the planning that there will be at least four scheduled three/four &/or five-day Pontoon Putts coming up in the months of March, April & May 2011. For the next few months you might want to consider this and include it in your vacation’s destination for yourself & a few friends as it is now, and for the next few months, I can customize something suitable to your needs & your personal dates. Don’t procrastinate as these Florida Adventures are coveted and fill up relatively quickly.





Another word or two on ‘guarantees’….a gentleman from Norway contacted me and wanted a private tour/workshop in the mid to central Florida area. He was only going to have a small amount of time and, of course, wanted “lots of good-stuff”. It was to be only a half-day session, which was even more scary for this highly obsessed-perfectionist, and conscientious guide, as I don’t live in that area and am not as familiar with the goings and comings of the wildlife as I would be around my own homeland wetlands & other wildlife areas. I made the decision that even though Viera Wetlands was a pretty long haul from where I was at the time, it probably would produce great wildlife. However, ‘probablys’ aren’t good enough odds in my book, especially considering the distance my new friend from Norway was traveling. Having friends of similar interests willing to share their knowledge is invaluable, and again, assistance from a respected peer proved to be extremely fruitful for my guest as he drove away with many, many new species for his image collection. Thank you, Charlie.




A New Adventure Awaits!

I’ve been offered an opportunity to visit China in October and will share destinations etc. in another upcoming newsletter. I know we will be visiting the Panda Bear refuge and also have the same opportunity to view the Red Panda Bear (a species I had never heard of).

I am asking for any advice, recommendations, words of wisdom, ‘foods for thought’ etc. etc. from any and all of you, my subscribers, who have first-hand knowledge they wish to share with me regarding their experiences on their excursion to China. During dinner the other evening while on our Pontoon Putt Adventure, one of my participants offered very sound advice, which I will certainly heed. She suggested that if I did not have the dexterity or ability to handle chopsticks, that I should probably pack a fork, knife & spoon!! That’s a ‘done-deal’!! Thank you, Gayle!


Upon re-reading this newsletter before it ‘goes to press’, I realize I’ve thanked everyone for their assistance in all sorts of areas, except the one person who assists me in putting this newsletter together and whose help in many other areas of my photography business is invaluable to me….Thank you, Laura!! Another job well done!!

Happy Shooting Everyone & “KEEP YOUR APERTURE YOUR PRIORITY”!!!



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Photo Researchers, Editors, and Publishers:

As stated in previous newsletters, at no obligation to you, send me a “want list” of images you are looking for that may coincide with a trip I’m about to take, or have recently taken, and I’ll do my very best to seek out that subject and shoot it with your request in mind. This may save you some expense, give me a specific mission and possibly a sale of that image. It’s a ‘win, win situation’!

A quick reminder that my library of 35mm original slides houses approximately 75,000 images, and my digital library presently holds over 100,000 (and growing-hourly)!

My website holds an in-depth Stock Shop for your quick review: www.joannewilliamsphoto.com



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"Keep Your Aperture Your Priority"

Little Blue Heron

Snapping Gator

Swallow-tailed Kite

Pileated Woodpecker

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