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Subject: The Panama Photo Tour
Sent Out On:2005-07-16
The Panama Newsletter

Rufous-Crested Coquette

Red-Legged Honeycreeper

Panamanian Sunset

Yellow-Faced Grassquit

      Mark your calendar to be a part of Joanne Williams\'s latest adventure, the 2006 Panama Photo Safari, taking place March 3rd thru March 9th, 2006.  Our destination is privately-owned lands in the El Valle region; a cool, plush, fertile volcanic valley located about 2 hours outside of Panama City. Panama is a living laboratory of some of the most diverse fauna and flora, boasting some of the best tropical birding in the world. This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy the natural wonders of Central America, together with well-known wildlife photographer  Joanne Williams as your personal guide and instructor. The newly-built, modern & exclusive lodge (each room has it s own private bath) will be completed, the wildlife alerted in readiness to pose for our cameras,  & English-speaking guides ready to assist with identification of any of the flora & fauna, or help with our heavy camera equipment and other needs.  

     Opportunities abound to see and photograph such magnificent bird species as:  the Rufous-crested Coquette, Rufous Mot-Mot, Red-legged Honeycreeper, White-necked Jacobin, & Chestnut-headed Oropendola.   To view more images taken there, visit the Panama Gallery on Joanne\'s website, www.natureandwildlife.com or www.joannewilliamsphoto.com.   Joanne reports:  "I was fascinated & entertained for hours watching and photographing the leaf cutter ants performing their harvesting duties which they have been doing for the past 50 million years!"    Fact: The leaf cutter ant cultivates and eats a nutritious fungus from their harvest putting them  \'up there\'  with the human species as one of the only animals in the entire world to grow their own food!
The plush mountain & valley scenic vistas, waterfalls, and array of

flora are a delight to any eye (and lens)!  The famous golden

frogs of Panama, --an endemic species & unique in the world-- are most commonly found in this area, as are the square trees!!!  There is just so much to see, to do, and to photograph!!  The safari is designed to incorporate aspiring photographers of all levels and their companions into a seven-day submersion into the Panamanian wildlife environment for the ultimate photographic and nature experience. Even if your spouse, friend, or significant other doesn\'t own a camera, there is plenty for them to do and enjoy while you shoot---the more the merrier!!


      The trip has been planned so you will be able to experience the famous Sunday marketplace at El Valle, which offers some of the best buying opportunities in Panama of traditional handicrafts, plus wonderful photo "opps" of the colorful marketplace & its surroundings.


      There are two natural-stone pools fed by the property\'s own beautiful waterfall for those who wish to relax and luxuriate in the cool shade of the rainforest and/or near the lodge\'s natural pool. Walks into the cool shade of the rainforest, across the wooden suspension bridges up to the waterfall are a must with or without a camera to experience the sights and sounds of its mysterious private world.  For the brave at heart, one can experience the Canopy Adventure , a cable ride down the mountain side dangling high up in the forest tree tops.  


      Fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the owner s gardens accompany the delicious freshly baked breads and pastries making each meal a gourmet experience.   There is a media/library area where we may view, enjoy and learn from each others images and/or Joanne s slide presentations.


      This special trip includes:  airport transfer to and from Panama City to El Valle, all meals, lodging (double occupancy), taxes, entrance fees to the protected areas, access to special areas on the property, the services of two bilingual guides, a van on hand to take us around the area, and professional photo assistance:

                                                                    $2,750.00 (double occupancy)
                                                                                     (single occupancy $800.00)

To Reserve Your Space a check for $500.00 made out to Joanne Williams Photography, Inc. is required.
Joanne reports:  I am researching an add-on day trip to the Canal Zone on Friday the 9th, as we head toward the airport hotel.  There is a wonderful museum showing the history of the building of the Canal and many other interesting features such as a virtual reality simulator taking you through the actual canal s locks.   From the building\'s balcony there is the chance to photograph the Magnificent Frigate Birds with their seven-foot wing span!

Tips & Tricks

One of the beauties of the digital cameras is the ability to instantly review your image and histogram after shooting and make the appropriate adjustments if needed, right? WRONG! It is not that easy for the wildlife and nature photographer due to the daylight glare on the LCD panel. (This would apply to any highly-lit area: concerts, arenas, basketball games, etc.) My answer to this problem is the Screen Shade and its partner, the magnifier. Not only does the Screen Shade protect the LCD panel, it takes away the glare making it easy to see and adjust your image. With the easy-to-attach magnifier, you can get a 3-x magnification of your image. I have these in stock selling for $25.00 each. Just measure the sides of your LCD panel or let me know which camera body you own.

"Keep Your Aperture Your Priorty"

White-Necked Jacobin


Yellow-Tailed Oriole


This newsletter is (c) 2005 Joanne Williams Photography.
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