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Subject: Newsletter #21
Sent Out On:2005-04-21


Welcome to Newsletter #21…..PANAMA


PANAMA has won my heart and excited my creative photographic juices!!  My main goal for my trip was to prove to myself that photographing (especially) the birds in the lush mountains and rain forest areas was possible.  Most everyone knows that Costa Rica, Panama & other parts of that world is fabulous for “birders”, but I wanted it to be equally as fabulous for “bird photographers”.  The only way I could figure out how to achieve this goal was to bring the birds to me.  Then came the challenge of how to have them sit still in a pretty, photographic setting. 


Along with the above challenges, I wanted to provide the same opportunity to my students/clients, fellow photographers, and friends, (of which you are all rolled up into one!).  Having traveled many parts of the world, my main concern is always safety and decent accommodations.



Right off the bat, it was obvious to me that feeders were a necessity to have the birds come in and settle long enough to take a decent photograph. But feeders aren\'t pretty and usually are a negative in a picture. With permission from the land owner, hours were spent building camoflaged, attractive feeders in hopes the birds would come.  We were overjoyed when within a few hours, in flew our avian subjects.  In those few days, we shot 23 species in and around the few feeders we were able to build.  There are numerous other photographic opps in the area, such as beautiful waterfalls and ponds, interesting bugs, reptiles, gorgeous flowers and other flora.


With alot of research, some help from a couple of my new Panamanian friends,  two separate trips (at different times of the year) to a couple of areas, I believe most of the needed goals have been achieved. 







 I\'ll be making further announcements of where, when and how long after I\'m assured that accommodations will be available in the Feb./March/April time frame.  The new modern lodging will hopefully be completed by mid to late summer. This new eight-rooms-only facility is being built on the private lands of my host and hostess in an exclusive, quiet area outside Panama City.  All our needs will be basically under one roof, with our photo or viewing wants only yards away!!

"Keep Your Aperture Your Priorty"



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