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Subject: Newsletter #19
Sent Out On:2005-03-31


Welcome to Newsletter #19

Art Show:   Lighthouse Point will be having their annual art show at the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club on Sunday, April 3rd from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m.  I’m proud that I’ve been asked back to exhibit my work for the tenth consecutive year!  How time flies!!!  I will be showing some new images from my latest Joanne Williams African Safari, as well as introducing the Foto Boat.  Please come and join us, and definitely come by my booth to say hello!!



Speaking of Africa:  There are two openings left for this wonderful trip.  I must be doing something right, as one of my last year’s participants is joining us again.  Go to my website for details and see some great images.  Also note how very, very reasonable the prices are in comparison to what some of the other safari offerings, plus I stick to my promise of only two people per van for optimum photo opportunities and over 21 days of actual shooting time!!  You do not have to be a photographer to join us…just a wildlife and nature lover who is full of adventure. Sign up soon!


Panama ‘Recon’ Mission:   In my continued, on-going, never-ending effort to seek out new and wonderful photo opportunities & adventures for everyone, I’m flying back to Panama April 10th for seven days and visiting and working the area that I believe will be added to my list of photo-safaris.  Seven full days with an English speaking guide, whom I will make certain understands the wants and needs of photographers, should tell the tale.  I made it a rule a long time ago to only guide tours to areas I’ve been to and am confident will produce the photo opportunities to make a successful safari.  I’m excited that this will be a new offering for 2006.  More later…………….


Digital LCD WOES:   O.K., YES,  digital cameras DO give you instantaneous gratification by allowing you to see the image right away in the LCD screen, and/or let you judge the quality of the image by seeing the histogram in your LCD screen.
Excuse me…..when shooting anything during the daylight or bright light hours, how often can you see anything????  The reflection on the screen makes it almost impossible to see anything too clearly!!   I have found the answer..... the Screen Shade.


I don’t really believe in editing your work in the field, but  it is nice to be able to see the image really clearly with the new 3x magnifier that can be purchased and mounted right onto the screen shade to see the nose hairs of that critter you just photographed!!  All is mounted and/or unmounted easily with Velcro.  These shades come in various sizes for various makes of ‘point and shoot’ bodies all the way up to the professional Canons, Nikons, etc.   All I need is the dimensions of your LCD screen, check for $25.00 for the shade, and $25.00 for the magnifier, your name and address and “presto” you, too, can see what you’ve just shot!!!


UP-DATE ON FOTO BOAT:  This unique little craft is just plain “sweet” as she glides into ‘skinny’ waters about 4” to 6” deep.  She is now fully equipped with three carbon fiber Gitzo Monopods (able to hold 30 lbs) that are screwed into various deck plates strategically mounted in various spots on the deck and three full Wimberley heads with Quick-Release clamp, and flash brackets, and a variety of plates to match your lens’ foot.  Do I believe, OR DO I BELIEVE, in the Wimberley products???  Can’t get any better.  If you want more information about them and wish to purchase any of their products, let me know, as I can drop ship directly to you. 
I’ve enjoyed exploring & photographing areas of Flamingo Bay in the Everglades, some canals along the Tamiami Trail, and a few of Florida’s beautiful lakes.



You can too.  E-mail me, call me, or go to my website www.joannewilliamsphoto.com and hit Foto Boat for information on costs, where, when, how etc.


The “Don CeSar Photo Safari Package” in St Petersburg:   May 13-15th is the date of the weekend package where I will be conducting a combination in-the-field, and class-room workshop with slide presentation and sharing “the error of my ways” program.  This is where I show my many mistakes and how to correct them, and how to improve your photography skills.  The Don CeSar is a five star hotel right on the beautiful gulf beach of St. Petersburg, and close to a favorite shooting spot at Ft. DeSoto.  For more info, contact me or the Don CeSar.

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