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Subject: Newsletter 18
Sent Out On:2005-03-04


Welcome to Newsletter #18

PMA (Photo Marketing Association)


Spending three full days at  the 81st PMA (Photo Marketing Association) Annual Convention and Trade Show was one whale of an eye opener for me, and certainly an education.  Of course, it was no surprise to anyone that Digital was the theme or ‘buzz-word’ at almost every booth, and many had a flashy, Las Vegas-type flair to entice the public in their direction.  I truly felt and acted like a country-girl seeing the glamorous city for the first time!  There was every conceivable gadget—digital or otherwise—one could ever imagine or want from countries such as Japan, India, Germany and more.  It took me two full days to digest it all and settle down to the business at hand.  If anyone had doubts about the future of digital, those doubts would have vanished quickly with a one-hour visit to the PMA trade show!  It is one huge snowball made out of dollar bills or yens, or deutsche marks!!  Let me re-phrase that…”it is one huge avalanche” made out of dollar bills, yens etc.!!!  Obviously, many of us are caught up in this digital- avalanche, judging from the elaborate displays put on by such photo giants as Canon, Nikon, Fuji etc. who are reaping the incredible financial benefits of this “digital hysteria”.  Surely, this is not news to anyone reading this, but I had to share the wonder of it all as I’m still starry-eyed by my first PMA experience.  Common sense did eventually prevail and I did learn more about how to safely clean my digital sensor, learned about different photo-shop programs available, what various printers can do,  saw some new “toys” I’d like to have to enhance my avocation/vocation, studied new products that will soon be available, and generally gained some important knowledge from the experience.  As some of you know, I shoot with both a digital and a film camera (almost simultaneously).  I concede that digital has many, many attributes, but I also love the feel, sound, and end results of what the conventional film camera has to offer.  I would like to go on record with these ‘words of wisdom’---you may call me old-fashioned or archaic---but I wouldn’t be too quick to totally eliminate the conventional film cameras from your life. 

IGFA (International Game & Fish Association) ART SHOW

A few days after returning from the PMA show, I scrambled around to put my own (humble) booth together as I had the honor of being invited to exhibit my art work at IGFA’s prestigious museum here in Dania, Florida, along with twenty or so other artists—among them the well-known fishing artist, Guy Harvey, the very talented photography-team of Gayle & Mike Hewlett, & Leslie Hodge, whose wood carvings are breathtaking (hopefully, someday one will find its way into my home!), and so many other talented people and now new friends.  The IGFA Art Show was sort 
of a ‘celebration  for, or appreciation of,  our environment’.  It was obvious from the outstanding works of art that every artist there is intimately devoted to his or her environment.  It was refreshing!!


It was here that my new and unique FOTO BOAT made its public debut!   She was very well received even though I sensed there are a few diehard flats fisherman thinking this fabulous boat is wasted on this female photographer and all her camera gear!!  (No fish will touch her deck while I’m the captain!!  Well…maybe “catch and release” will be considered!!).  The Foto Boat is designed to float silently into a 4” to 6” depth (length of a dollar bill) of water, and is outfitted with my custom-made deck plates specifically positioned around the deck which hold my custom-modified, heavy-duty Gitzo monpods (capable of holding upwards of 30-35 lbs.) accommodating most every camera setup.  Florida is loaded with nesting birds and other wildlife along the shores and flats of our lakes, canals, rivers, and beaches, providing incredible photo opportunities.   For more information about these Foto Boat Photo Tours, and my other safaris and instructional photo workshops, visit my website: www.joannewilliamsphoto.com or www.natureandwildlife or call for a brochure.






I will be conducting a weekend workshop at the new Oxbow Eco-Center , a beautiful new facility and a St. Lucie County Environmental Learning Center, on March 18 and 19th.   Visit their website to learn more:  www.stlucieco.gov/oxbow
Superintendent, Sandy Bogan, (and long-time friend who was responsible for my images being on SIX covers of Florida Audubon’s magazine) has expertly guided and managed the growth of this modern nature center along with Program Coordinator, Wren Underwood who is expanding her talents (and challenges) to shortly include motherhood!!!  Friday night I will be conducting “My Florida Journey and Beyond”, which is open to the public from 7 to 8 pm.  Saturday’s full-day workshop is limited, but I do believe there are three spaces presently available.    






My next newsletter will have more information about my plans and adventures to Panama.


I can hardly believe that eleven years have gone by since I got a call from Norma Cerino inviting me to be a part of her dream, which was to gather as many local artists together under one roof for a Sunday afternoon showing, which would also be open to the public.   Her memory and her dream live on……………………… 

Come join us on Sunday, April 3rd from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m held at the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club….(954) 942-7244 


“Keep You Aperture Your Priority” 



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